Encounter Church (2/4)

“We both have an addiction background. We spent about 6-7 years trying to get completely sober. I started going back to church because I had been in church growing up. His church background is completely different than mine. I was in nondenominational church. My family was always really supportive & accepting no matter what I was going through. His family background is a little bit different.”

“When I graduated I said I’m never going to church again. I was really turned off by church. She was ready to go back & I wasn’t. So she kind of had to talk me into it. But have you just been somewhere & you just knew that this is what God has for you? That was kind of the place Encounter was & is. I knew because it just kind of felt like home. Even though I didn’t know anybody, I knew everybody. It just quickly became a family. That’s something I had never experienced before. We got plugged into guest services once we started coming to Encounter. One day we were at our friends house, we were just cooking out & I said, ‘Man, ya know, James asked me to help with the youth. I don’t really know if I feel qualified for that.’ He said, ‘Well what’s the matter, why don’t you just try it?’ I never forgot that because I don’t think I would have tried it if not for that.”
“Without them seeing that in us, and I’m sure they were led by God in that, we wouldn’t be doing what God has for us right now.”
“That has probably been one of the most major impacts on our lives other than salvation itself, getting involved in ministry which is what God’s called us to. If you want to know the impact that Encounter has made in our lives, it’s amazing because they saw us, ya know? They saw some potential that we didn’t even know we had. I don’t know if they could have made a greater impact.”
Bryan and Heather Adams

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