Epoch Church (1/5)

“You have to start with the fact that every story and calling is unique. There are a lot of different needs. All the ingredients were ripe for us to plant a church. We said, ‘Alright, Lord, You make this grow. Ultimately You’re the head. But when we do this we want it to be healthy and we want it to have fruit that lasts.’ And in a culture where it’s all about fast food & now now now & numbers, we said we don’t really care if we don’t have those kind of things to show for what God’s doing because we would rather have deep and healthy relationships. And we have a brokenness for downtown, for people who aren’t involved in a community, people who have been burned by a community- that was enough to say this community needs us and we want to be a church that if we were gone they would miss us. So when we started, we talked with a lot of churches that were in the area- told them what we’re doing, why we’re coming and you could tell pretty early on that we’re not the same in regards to how we’re doing this. It didn’t mean they were less or better or anything else, it just meant that ‘oh our need is here for what we’re trying to do.’ And throughout our 13 years, we’ve definitely seen times where you work so hard and you don’t see the yield that you would like, absolutely. But I think after a certain amount of time because we cared so much to know someone’s name, care about their life and come alongside them- that takes a lot of time, energy and effort. There’s a sense of all of us play apart in this, so when it is a family it’s not a sense of anything but this is OUR story. But with our passion for going deep, I would say the area that we want to see the most growth right now is at times if we’re not careful we won’t go wide- we won’t cast seeds and cast the net. It’s cool though because there’s not a sense of our story is better and so that’s why if it could be, ‘Here’s our story, embrace and celebrate yours’ because if you don’t you’re going to get caught in comparisons and you’re going to caught in competition instead of cooperation.”

Nathan James, Epoch Church Co-Pastor (1/5)

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