The God of miracles

By Anthony Banks 

My wife and I were cleaning up the church one day when I picked up my little girl and tickled her. She let go of my neck and fell to the floor so hard that it knocked the wind out of her and dislocated her hipbone.

I was standing above her frozen stiff like a deer-in-the-headlights. When my wife walked in, I stopped her and asked her to go back outside. Then I picked up my little girl and closed my eyes. I felt the motion of my hand run all the way down her back and down to her feet.

I did not see what happened because my eyes were closed, but I did feel her body straighten up. I had no control over what happened—it was a miracle. I put her on the floor and asked if she was alright. She said, “Yes sir,” and then I asked, “Can you march and jump for Daddy?” She did, acting like nothing had even happened.

I went into the bathroom, locked the door, and just cried. I said to God, “I saw her bone was out of her back, and I saw what you did.”

After spending a few minutes alone, I went to the sanctuary to wipe down the pews. The Holy Spirit said, “Tell your wife about the miracle that just happened.” Thinking the Holy Spirit just wanted me to share the good news, I said to her, “Listen, I want to tell you something. God performed a miracle with our baby.”

She said, “I know. I saw her bone sticking out and how you ran your hand down her back.” I started crying and praying to God. I knew I wasn’t crazy, but I didn’t know that she had seen.

I believe He was giving me confirmation of what I saw—that He can heal—because later He said to me, “There is going to be healing and restoration in Turrell.” 

We have had some block parties in Turrell so that we can meet people in our community. At the first block party we hosted with First Baptist Church Rogers, I got to see black and white folk from Turrell shaking hands who had never shaken hands before. When I saw this I remembered, He said this restoration is going to happen. I was just sitting there in awe. One guy told me there was a lot of inner-blood between him and another man, and that this was the first time they had talked since. 


We also saw several salvations from witnessing to people at the block party. All of these people are special, but one who comes to mind is a guy who was witnessed to when we knocked on doors. He accepted the Lord and wanted to be baptized. 

I was going to pick him up for church the morning he was to be baptized, and when I got to the house I talked to his dad. I said, “Put your clothes on. Don’t worry about being dressed up, just come because your son is getting baptized today.” 

I saw the expression on his face. He said, “You know pastor, I haven’t been baptized. I was going to be, but then we moved down here to Turrell and haven’t found a church to attend.” I was thinking, Look no further!

So I said, “Why don’t you come and be baptized with your son?” and I witnessed to him. He got up and put his shoes on to come with me, but then we could not find his son. We went on to church, had service, and I baptized the father.

{ I believe He was giving me confirmation of what I saw—that He can heal—because later He said to me, “There is going to be healing and restoration in Turrell.” }

When we were ready to leave, his son walked up. He said he had gone down to West Memphis with some friends, and they left him behind. We went right back in that church and baptized him!

Now every Wednesday and Sunday I pick them up and take them to church with me. I gave them baptism certificates with their names on them, and I see those certificates on their wall every time I visit their home.

Isn’t this what the church is all about—the Lord bringing people to Himself? Heaven rejoices!

Before that first block party, not many people even knew that our church plant—Second Baptist—existed. Nevertheless, today we continue to have visitors come by and worship with us because of that block party.

We have baptized 15 people since we began in March 2016, and many came by Christian experience. We have grown our congregation from zero to about 40+ people. In November 2016, we had 50 people. All praises be to God!

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