God is still on the move

By Lee Kemp 

This week Forefront Church is in Riverton, Wyoming! We are ministering to the Northern Arapaho, one of the last critically unreached Native American tribes.

Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Smith has come here for the last five years, but this year we (Forefront) and Palestine Baptist Church in Greenwood, Ark., have joined them. There are about 45 of us altogether.

Our goal for the trip is not to do a bunch of things but to continue to build relationships with the Arapaho. In the morning we are picking up trash, mowing yards and getting to know the neighbors of the community. In the afternoons we are learning about the history of the Arapaho before going back to the reservation for the evening. We have bought sports equipment and a basketball goal for the kids, and we are beading bracelets with them.

We are sharing the message of Jesus, but we are making sure not to push too hard. We are focusing on relationships.

Please pray for us! God is working, and He was working long before we got here…

A divine encounter

I had driven back to our hotel to look for money I thought was lost. After I looked over the hotel room and climbed back into the bus, I found the money in the dash. I stopped freaking out and turned the bus around to pick up our group at the reservation.

That’s when I see a guy in a wheelchair with a young man kneeling beside him. Both were Native American.

The Holy Spirit nudged me right there and told me to go back and talk to them. I said to God, “I don’t know what they’re doing,” but He said, “It doesn’t matter.”

So I parked the bus, walked up and found that they were praying. I didn’t know if they were praying in Jesus’ name or what, so I just stood there listening and praying, too.

Before the young man finished the prayer, I heard him say, “Where there are two or more gathered in Your name, You are there.”

After I introduced myself and told them that God told me to turn around, the young man—whose name is Joel—said, “No way! I’m a pastor.” Joel is 19-years-old and feels called to ministry. He had stopped to pray for Reggie to be healed.

{ Before the young man finished the prayer, I heard him say, “Where there are two or more gathered in Your name, You are there.”}

We tried to get Reggie up and walking, but he got tired so we sat him back down.

That is when I asked Reggie who he believed Jesus is. He said, “One we can trust in.” When I asked if he had ever trusted Jesus to save his soul, he said, “I wouldn’t go that far.”

I shared with him Romans 5:8 and other scriptures, and how Jesus will create a new heaven and new earth one day because all other things will pass away. I explained that his soul is eternal, how it will never pass away, and he needed Jesus to save his soul. I told him that I loved him, and I didn’t just want to pray for him to be healed but for his soul to be saved.

Reggie and Lee

So I asked Reggie if he felt like that is something he wanted to do and he said yes!  Then he allowed me to pray with him, and he accepted Christ as we prayed together right there on the sidewalk!

God had not sent me back to the hotel to find the money I thought was lost. He was orchestrating this whole encounter.

I told Reggie, “Your people don’t know the good news of Jesus, and they don’t know what I’ve told you today. He wants to use you to reach your people.”

Not only that, but Joel lives in the same Arapaho reservation that our missions team is working in! He is not even Arapaho, but his sisters are!

There is a backstory to this. Scott Ward (with Grand Avenue Baptist) has been praying for the past five years to meet someone who already has influence here for us to partner with. Joel has now been introduced to Scott, and we plan to stay connected with him and foster this relationship.

God is so on the move! It is evident.

{ God had not sent me back to the hotel to find the money I thought was lost. He was orchestrating this whole encounter.}


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